TMT Protects.Me membership gives
access to our financial protection and
payment platform, enabling you to
grow your business internationally.

Why Trust My Travel?

We have your wider business goals in mind. We don’t just allow you to accept card payment online; we protect, simplify and strategise every moving part of your payment eco-system. 

Navigating the future of travel payments is as easy as TMT.

Get Paid Faster

Secure the future of your business by meeting the needs of your market. Online, offline, mobile and alternative, the world is – and should be – your oyster. Integrate with us for a seamless checkout.

  • Take your business from bank transfers to card processing
  • Appeal to travellers in a specific region by offering their local payment method
  • Protect your business & travellers by using secure payment methods

Sell Worldwide, risk-free

Multi-Currency Pricing automatically transforms international sales to domestic for both you as the Provider and the traveller, meaning there is no FX exposure or need to manually update rates. Your travellers will view and purchase products on your website in their respective local currencies without dictating the currency you are settled in.

  • Increases conversion by appealing to a worldwide audience
  • Save time, money and resource spent manually facilitating cross-border payments.

Increase consumer confidence members give travellers complete confidence that their money is protected if the travel company goes out of business. Increased consumer confidence in your financial security also boosts booking conversion.

  • Meet EU Package Travel Regulations (+many more)
  • Integrated fraud protection 
  • Minimise chargeback exposure 
  • Boost sales

Auto pay 3rd party suppliers/resellers

Secure bookings, and save time and money, by automatically settling global affiliates, agents and suppliers in their local currencies when a customer completes checkout.

  • Save time by removing the need for manual reconciliation of invoices
  • Save money on a back-office payout role
  • Or, utilise our Insurance Release functionality: Release % of funds early directly to pay a supplier

We are Trusted

As well as providing straight-forward integration to a multifaceted payment solution, we add unrivalled value to your business by being trusted by, and partnering with, the world’s leading travel businesses and their travellers. We’re proud to say we power Travel’s top providers, suppliers and innovators.

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As specialists in travel payments we can help ensure that you meet all your financial protection requirements and boost your bookings by offering your customers a secure payment platform with us.